The current understanding of the Universe is positioned on a theory called the Standard Model—a framework that explains the fundamental forces that govern our Universe.   Although the Standard Model is the most successful theory we have to date, it’s incomplete: a myriad of questions remain unresolved. MIND ART builds onto the Standard Model and proposes a new theory—a quantum theory of consciousness.

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The Model - Phase One

All matter originates from light

Light is an energy that is continuously streaming forward... always forward. As it interacts with cosmic forces (observer), the stream of light is disrupted and disturbances (waves) are created.

Light is in constant motion

The disturbances light encounters change the direction and force of its movement. They create turbulence and the light spectrum begins to bend. Light bending into itself repeatedly causes the light spectrum to reorganize and change shape butt the energy and momentum remain constant. The light begins to roll forward on itself causing a forward circular motion and then a vortex.

The Model - Phase Two

Everything is built on a framework

As light is changing, shifting, and reorganizing, the energy of the vortex creates a framework. The new framework can be represented by the shape of a pyramid. Energy is propelled in various directions and new shapes are formed and then larger frameworks emerge. The process creates more energy than can be contained within a single framework. The movement of light and energy continually creates new frameworks, and each contains more energy and greater substance than the one before.

The Model - Phase Three

An energy source fuels evolution

Each framework is fueled by its own new and separate energy. This base entity represents the nucleus of each framework and is filled with the energy of light and motion constantly creating new interactions. These energies are in constant revolution and interaction which creates the force required to fuel origination, growth, and evolution.